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The IMedis


Our vision is to reduce risk for healthcare organizations and their patients. To create new business opportunities within existing healthcare workflows, improving patient outcomes and increasing financial efficacy.

The challenge of QA in radiology

40 Million

Annual Scans with Diagnostic Errors



malpractice lawsuits against radiologists relate to diagnostic errors


$38 Billion

Annual Cost of Errors in Radiology in the US

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The Why...

Your only good solution automating QA/QC across the entire radiology workflow.

IMedis AI is a cloud-based radiology software for PACS and RIS


Our cloud-based solution, aggregates and analyzes data from PACS and RIS using our unique technology. Proprietary AI algorithms address failure points with state-of-the-art performance and seamless, vendor agnostic integration into existing IT solutions. Our fully automated system reduces clinician burden without interrupting existing workflows, helping to improve patient outcomes and financial efficacy.

Meet IMedis Duali-Q
- the first fully automated QA for radiology

IMedis AI has deep-learning algorithms that improves accuracy

Comprehensive AI

The IMedis platform consists of a series of clinically proven deep-learning algorithms. This scope of data and dimension improves accuracy and drives healthcare standards forward for better results, improved patient outcomes, profitability, and helps eliminate wasted resources.

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Highest security standards

The IMedis system has patient privacy and data security built into its foundation. All clinical data undergoes the highest level of anonymization before leaving the local VM data point to ensure that no PHI reaches the IMedis cloud. IMedis is fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Case Study:


in detections of commonly overlooked findings at UCSD


unnessesary alerts with Duali-Q

IMedis delivers optimal care, precise quality, seamless integration, and cutting edge AI
Addressing Quality Throughout Workflow

We are on a constant search for how to deliver optimal care, precise quality, seamless integration, and cutting edge AI to our healthcare partners.

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