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Next-Level Detection
Boosting Quality

IMedis is on a mission to profoundly transform early detection of cancer and other life-threatening conditions by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence.


Our AI compares medical images and reports yielding far more comprehensive results than traditional peer review methods.

Our unique solution assists radiology teams by uncovering findings otherwise overlooked in the initial read.

Improved performance for Radiology Teams. Enhanced QA. Significant economic value for Providers and Payers. Better health outcomes for Patients.

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Comprehensive Results for Superior QA

Comprehensive capture of potentially missed findings across the full range of cases – instead of today's mere 5% sampling standard.  Fuller data means better accuracy, and more time for QA performance analysis and improvement.


Advanced Cancer Detection

... and that of other life-threatening disease. Solutions developed (or in our pipeline) for Lung, Liver, Pancreas, and Kidney, providing for broad coverage of multiple indications.



Reduced Liability

Increased early detection has the potential to result in fewer late-stage treatments, and therefore lower costs to health systems and Payers.  It leads to reduced liability and increased safety.


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