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Improving Quality
in Radiology

That Empowers Radiology Teams



Empowering Radiology

IMedis enables fully automated QA for radiology workflows. Our flagship module, Duali-Q is helping improve accuracy in radiology, by flagging potentially life-threatening errors of omission in CT scans of the chest and the abdomen.

AI Automation

Our AI automatically analyzes radiology images to detect commonly-overlooked findings, comparing image data with report text, any discrepancies are then automatically flagged for QA teams.

Focus on
Improved Quality

Our unique solution assists radiology teams by uncovering actionable failure points in radiology reporting.

Our Solution
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Comprehensive Results for Superior QA

Comprehensive analytics review the entire radiology report. QA activities are augmented, empowering radiology teams, providers and payers. Pinpoint analytics identify overlooked findings, to deliver optimal care with constant quality checks.


Impact Critical Healthcare Domains

High quality radiology has a tremendous positive impact on healthcare expenditure, by improving diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring in conditions such as cancer and heart disease.


Empowering all Radiology Stakeholders

Providing actionable reports to administrators, technicians, radiologists, and management to improve quality and reduce liability.

Value For All Stakeholders


Enhanced performance for Radiology Teams. Optimized QA. Improved economic value for Providers and Payors. Better health outcomes for patients.

IMedis Duali-Q optimizes the QA process by performing QA on every CT scan,  helping to enhance radiology performance, reducing the risk to providers and improving outcomes for patients. 

IMedis is on a Mission To Create
The First-In-Kind, AI-Based Comprehensive Quality Management System for Radiology Departments

Coming soon: comprehensive automate QA throughout the radiology workflow

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IMedis RIS
Radiology information system (RIS) at IMedis



IMedis electronic record of health-related information (EMR)
Electronic record of health-related information (EMR) at IMedis
IMedis Offers picture archiving and communication system (PACS)


IMedis AI Supports Modality
IMedis Assists with CT Scans with Modality


IMedis's AI Follows Clinical Guidelines
AI at IMedis Complies with Clinical Guidelines.
EMR is offered through IMedis AI
IMedis AI offers RIS to Improve Radiology
IMedis Modality with AI
PACS at IMedis
IMedis Offers State-of-the-Art AI Solutions
IMedis State-of-the-Art AI Solutions include PACs, Modality, Clinical Guidelines, EMR, and RIS

Automate & Streamline QA

A first-of-its-kind one stop solution for all QA and QC activities within radiology

Data & Performance Analysis

Use aggregated data for BI through our customized dashboards

Missed Opportunity Detection

AI driven peer learning leading to improved clinical workflows and increase patients engagement

Financial Efficiency Improvement

Save operational costs and avoid lost revenue through automatic detection of failures in workflow

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